Wine in Hong Kong was an exclusive product for upper class people before. It was hard to reach and understand by ordinary people. As the fast growth of the economy and of course, due to the reduction on the duty of wines by the govíŽt, we can now rather easy to know more about wine and they are becoming one of our companions in our daily life.

Today, we can easy to buy wine from supermarket, or even drink in the Chinese restaurants, there are still some wines which come from somewhere in the world that are in very good quality and in different style.

As announced by some articles that wine is good for health in some way, consumption of wine made a great leap in recent years all over the world. This boomed up the winemaking industry, more and more new wine regions have been established.

Winepatio, a wine-hunter, will keep exploring wines from different regions that we ignored or newly established in the globe in one way, and looking for good wines for every of you that makes wine as not just for celebration but for your healthy daily drink in the other.

Good Taste and Good Health!

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