If a wine is incorrectly stored it can affect the flavour and in severe cases, the wine will become faulty.

The following general points should be followed while storing wine:

ĦE For long-term storage, the temperature for all wines should be cool and constant, preferably 10-15oC, as extremes of cold and heat can cause damage. One of the worst places for long-term storage is kitchen, due to the wide fluctuations in temperature. Extended periods of refrigeration can cause corks to harden and lose their elasticity, with the result that the seal fails and air can attack the wine causing it to become stale. Sparkling wines will lose their fizz.

ĦE Store wine on its side to ensure the cork remains in contact with the wine. If the cork dries out it can let in air, and the air will oxidise the wine.

ĦE Keep wines away from strong light. Natural sunshine or artificial light will heat the wine and it will become stale and old before its time. Artificial light can cause unpleasant flavours to develop in some wines.

ĦE Keep wine away from vibrations, in order for it to lie undisturbed.

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