Name : Casa Valduga, Premium Cabernet Sauvignon
Varietal : Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage :

Origin : Vale dos Vinhedos, Rio Grande del Sul, Brazil
Alcohol level : 13%
Characteristics: It is a wine with violet-red color. Elegant and developed bouquet with intense notes of spices, matuare and ripe red fruits. Full-bodied, discreet and mature acidity. Intense, lingering flavor.
Gastronomy : Mature cheeses, pastas and meats with spicy sauces.
Serving Temperature : 16 - 18J
Award : Brass_Concurso San Francisco Int'l Wine Competition 2008/Gold_III Concurso Int'l de Vinhos do Brazil 2007/PRATA_Concurso Int'l de Vinos La Mujer Elige-Argentina 2006.......
Packing: 750 ml x 6
List Price: ֢$170


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